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Four days into this road trip and things aren’t going too well for the Canucks, who have lost back-to-back winnable games.

We’re now in Columbus, looking ahead to facing the Blue Jackets Tuesday night, with Monday being at team day off. I knew this was coming and to leave you blogless would be a confiscate my popcorn punishable offence, so here’s a few tidbits to fill the void.

WEAK DAZE – Weekends are for waffles, adventures and football – and losing in overtime, apparently. Through 15 games thus far, Vancouver is 0-1-4 in weekend games; they’re 0-1-2 on Saturday and 0-0-2 on Sunday. Contrast that with the beginning of the week when the Canucks are a vigorous 5-1-0 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (2-0-0, 2-0-0 & 1-1-0) and we’ve got ourselves a dilemma. Thursday and Friday are a mix at 1-2-1 (0-1-1 & 1-1-0), making it clear the Canucks come out of the gates strong and fade as the week goes on. But this can’t actually be a thing, can it? Nope, it’s purely coincidence and here’s why: in the player’s eyes, it’s either game day or not, no thought it given as to what day of the week it actually is. As for coverage, it’s definitely at its worst Monday, Thursday and Sunday and you can thank the NFL for that! Just kidding?

CLOSE GAMES – Is your glass half full, or half empty? Vancouver’s four regulation losses this season have all been by a single goal, add that to the team’s five OT losses and all nine defeats were by nine goals. Does this show grit and character that the team never gives up and always keeps the game close, or is the team not hard enough to finish games properly? You decide.

SCHNEIDERMAN JR. – The team hotel in New Jersey is located about 25 minutes from the rink and it’s surrounded by forest. There’s a mall across the street and that’s about it, which made for slim-pickens on the activities front Saturday night when we arrived around 6 p.m. from Buffalo. Former Canucks goalie Cory Schneider recently bought a house two-minutes away from the team hotel and Chris Higgins and Alex Edler jumped at the chance to visit with their former teammate, his wife Jill and their newborn son Wyatt. Higgins said mini-Schneider is pudgy, adorable and healthy. Schneider doesn’t have a timetable on when he’ll have pads on Wyatt.

TORTS TIME – Blue Jackets coach John Tortorella spoke Monday morning and he was the calm, enjoyable bench boss we remember in Vancouver, not that other guy from New York. He said he learned a lot during his time with the Canucks and his biggest takeaway was the relationships he made with the players and others in the organization. He singled out Daniel and Henrik Sedin, with whom he said he really clicked with. Proof of that came Monday morning when the Sedins came to the rink on their off day to see Torts. “If I didn’t have to come and see you guys,” Tortorella said during his scrum, “I’d still be over there visiting with them.”

CRACKNELL, ADAM CRACKNELL – The former Blue Jackets forward skated with Jacob Markstrom early Monday morning and afterward he stood outside the Columbus dressing room visiting with friends. He loved his time here, said the organization is superb, stadium unreal and he lived basically beside the rink making for a breezy commute. When asked what he’s up to with Monday evening free, Cracknell said he’s taking some teammates to see the new James Bond flick ‘Spectre’ at the IMAX. What a guy.

Thanks for checking in, here’s to a great week ahead!

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